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[livejournal.com profile] artvixn and I were talking about supernatural/horror heroines at the Con this weekend, and here's my list of current favorites of the genre:

The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs: )

The Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong: )

The Hollows (Rachel Morgan) series by Kim Harrison )

And if female protagonists aren't a requirement, the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher is another excellent read.
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I'm (presumably) going to be placed on the "Gender and Sexuality in SF/F" and "LGBT in Fandom" panels for Norwescon this year, and I need to brush up on my resources. I watch Torchwood, I've already got James Tiptree, Jacqueline Carey, and the Iain Banks "Culture" series in my reading queue, but I'm drawing a blank on any others.

Novels, short stories, films, and tv shows of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genres with positive (or at least neutral/informative) LGBT themes, characters, and issues are what I'm after here. Negative portrayals aren't necessarily a disqualifier, as it'd be a good idea to have one or two for contrast, but I don't want two months of reading about extraterrestrial prison rape either.

Any suggestions?

ETA: LGBT comic, graphic novel, zine, and video/audio podcast recommendations in the SF/F genre are also welcome -- I want to cover as broad a base as I can.

Potter 7

Jul. 21st, 2007 10:27 pm
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Done. Emotionally drained. Wow, what a ride.
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As anyone can attest from the shelves, stacks, and piles scattered around the house, I have a bit of a completist streak when it comes to books. I start a new (to me) series, I like it, and I have to buy all the books in it.

Once I've finished my current to-read stack (about a dozen books, mostly contemporary, mostly fiction), I intend to start in on the St. Germain series by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, which as far as I can tell currently stands at fifteen books.

I will not buy fifteen new books, I do not need fifteen new books, I cannot afford fifteen new books. I have a library card, and I need to use it. I will repeat this to myself as often as necessary.
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(no pun intended)

Dear Lazyweb,

My literary genre craving is rearing its insistent head again, and is demanding gothic fiction - gothic in the contemporary sense, i.e. vampires, werewolves, demons, and the like. Problem is, I'm running out of books, and this junkie needs her fix. I need recommendations!

What I like: Strong protagonist(s), coherent plot, good writing, imaginative story. Something I can sit down to read and look up "a few minutes later" to discover four hours have passed. And I don't mind if major or sympathetic characters die, so long as it fits the story arc.

What I don't like: Silly twits, neurotic bitches, whiny twats, i.e. most of what qualifies as "Chick Lit". Romance novels. Poor writing style. Substandard copy-editing (semi-excusable if it's a first printing). Plot elements so stupid that they shatter the willful suspension of disbelief. Breaking the fourth wall. Weak endings (Rocks fall. Everyone dies.). Stupid-ass cliches (AND IT'S THE BOOK YOU'RE READING RIGHT NOW DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN!!!eleventytwo)

Authors/series I like: Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake books (particularly the first 7 or 8), Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong

Authors I think I might like, but haven't read enough to form a coherent opinion: Patricia Briggs, Tanya Huff

Authors whose books I tolerate (but will occasionally throw across the room): MaryJanice Davidson, Charlaine Harris, Katie MacAlister.

Authors I wouldn't read again if their books cured cancer: Post-1988 Anne Rice, Lynsay Sands, Michael Marano.

Help me, Lazyweb! You're my only hope!
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Just finished the book, and all I can say is: Whoa.

Much better written this time around. I ordered one copy and due to shipping error received two. Which works out in the end, because this way [livejournal.com profile] datavore and I don't have to fight over the only copy in the house.

Just a Geek

Aug. 2nd, 2004 01:09 pm
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Wil Wheaton is going to be at Powell's Tech this Friday, signing his new book. Anyone else interested in going?
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A party update is coming eventually, but until then, a public service announcement for all of my fellow bookworms:

San Diego County, which lost 2400 homes to wildfires last year, is facing a $205k library budget cut this year. Pamie has started another book drive, much like she did for Oakland last year. If you're interested in helping, go read this entry.

If you don't want to donate to San Diego, there are many other libraries in need, and more than 2000 of them have Amazon wishlists.
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I don't think I posted about Pamela Ribon and her grass-roots book drive for the Oakland Public Library. I donated a couple of books a while ago, and always meant to donate more. I finally got around to sending more books from their various Amazon wishlists, plus a book by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] misia.

Then I got curious, and started looking for the wishlists of other libraries in need. I found one that was local, and another near where I graduated high school. And then I discovered that my grandparents' library had one, too. Some of my earliest memories are of summers spent in the children's section of that library. It feels good to give back a little.

And you should go buy Pam's new book.


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