Nov. 4th, 2005 02:14 pm
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Mr. Sancho Dogbutt McWhiny the First ate a pork chop bone last night before I could get it away from him. Not such a smart dog. Clever, perhaps, and an escape artist, but not so much with the intelligence. Ah well, at least he bit it into a couple of pieces first.

And it looks like someone at Amazon has a dog like mine...
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The first couple of times I ordered from Hunan Spring, it was pretty good. Last night's order, however, didn't agree with anyone. Marty didn't like it, I was up half the night with acid reflux, and it seems the few bits we gave the dog made him throw up on the carpet. Three times, in fact.

Poor puppy. Now I know why you wouldn't come eat your food this morning. :(


Jun. 22nd, 2005 09:41 am
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Puppy comes home today!

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I'm definitely a dog person. Now don't get me wrong, I like cats too. But my immune system? Not so much. And while I've been saying I want a dog for the last three or four years, it now it looks like I might finally be getting one.

After brunch this afternoon, [livejournal.com profile] datavore and I went up to P.A.W.S.* in Lynnwood to look at dogs. After looking around for a bit, we took an Australian Shepherd/Sheltie mix called Sydney back to one of the bonding areas. She was sweet enough, and well-behaved, but didn't seem particularly interested in bonding with people, or in coming when called. She also struck me as a bit of an escaper -- the kind of dog that, if she slips off a leash, she's gone and god help you in getting her back.

So we went back in, and looked around some more. And in the back room, in the last cage, was Sancho. He's two years old, big, black, and looks like he's part Lab, part German Shepherd, and part something-pretty-big, like maybe a Bernese or Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. He's pretty mellow but still playful, comes when he's called, and... Well, he's the dog.

We put him on hold for a few days (he still hasn't seen the vet, and isn't neutered yet) so we can have some time to dog-proof the house, get all the stuff we need, and decide we aren't teh dumb for wanting a dog. And fix the fence. And reorganize the pantry so we can close the door. And burn the house down. Er...

So, yeah. PUPPY. For ME. But no pictures yet, because we were dumb and forgot to take a decent camera.

* = A Seattle-area network of no-kill shelters


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