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I finally got started on planting tonight. The horseradish and lemongrass went in with last year's sweet bay and French tarragon. Purple scallions, bleu leeks, and garlic chives went in the same pot together, and I've got a bell pepper and two cucumbers planted. No pictures yet, as I completely ran out of light before I finished watering.

Speaking of things running out, we'll need to make a Sawdust Supply run for more planting mix -- I've still got 1/3 to 1/2 a tub of compost, but no more soil. I also need buckets and a support structure for the tomatoes, and a strawberry pot.

Present but still unplanted are 4 (upside-down) tomatoes, 2 strawberries, sweet pea and lettuce starts, spicy greens, and a metric assload of basil starts. And I'm going to experiment with replanting the potatoes and garlic that we bought for food but started to sprout. I've also got carrot, radish, and spring onion seeds to plant at some point. And last year's surviving flowers to transplant to the south flowerbed. And then there's the automatic watering setup to install...

Hm. I sure do an awful lot of gardening for someone who hates the evil yellow sky-demon and the big blue room.
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...But in spite of that, my garden is growing nicely. The picture below leads to the gallery.

I also started 18 peat pellets each of carrots, radishes, and green onions in my mini-greenhouse last night. If those do well enough to sprout, I'm going to get more pellets so I can try lettuce from seed next -- it'd be nice to have fresh lettuce through the summer.

Hmm. I need a gardening icon.

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Loot from the Farmers Market )

This Weekend, I Had Some Pot )

Tilth-To-Be )

I Needs A Plant Bukket )

And then suddenly I am ran over by a truck, composed primarily of sinus goo and muscle strain.

Now... Who wants an aloe plant? Pretty please? With, uh, nutrient-rich ecologically-sound compost on top...
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And soon, I has a container garden.

Pots )

Soil )

Plants )

So, yeah. I'm getting plant crazy. No fair taking bets on how long it'll be before I get bored and let all my plants die, now. I managed to keep a plant alive for an entire year, even! My peppercorn's got leaves and new growth and everything! And there's the previously-mentioned nigh-unkillable aloe, which I've had for... Four years? Five?
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The West Seattle Farmers Market starts back up on the 29th, just in time for me to start craving more veggies in my diet beyond the tomatoes on drive-thru chicken sandwiches or the occasional salad. I'm going to start using the market as my test case, to see whether I can manage to buy (and USE) enough fresh produce to make joining a CSA worthwhile.

I'm thinking I might pick up some plants and try one more attempt at gardening this year, too. The only spot in the yard that is prepared enough to garden doesn't get quite enough light and is inconveniently arranged for easy weeding, so any gardening I do is likely to be in containers again. But last year was... unfortunate. While the Szechuan peppercorn tree survived (and has leaves now, yay!), all I managed to produce last year were two sad tomatoes and some sun-scorched basil.

What do you guys grow? And/or do you have any recommendations for a yellow-thumbed gardener?


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