I am sick

Feb. 21st, 2008 10:45 am
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With the exception of a couple of potty breaks, getting up to take my pills at "bedtime", and being awakened four (!?!) times between 7pm and 7:30, I slept 16 hours last night. And now that I did that work thing I forgot about and I'm caught up on LJ, I'm strongly considering going back to bed.
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Sick. Tired. Sick and tired. Sick and tired and SORE. Was out Thursday and Friday, gardened Saturday and Sunday, have sunburn and muscle ouch and 4 days of work & personal email to catch up on. Have Dayquil and caffeine for brainfog. Need more compost to finish garden, tomato still unplanted. Forgot how to use subject pronouns. Send cabana boys and analgesics.
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Last night was the first in nearly three weeks that I went to bed without cough syrup. As of a couple of hours ago, I have been narcotic-free for a day and a half.

I had a bit of a restless night - woke up coughing once or twice - and had some truly surreal dreams. Particularly notable was the one in which I called up The End because they were playing a Metallica song and went on a 30-minute on-air rant about the band, its members, its fans, the RIAA, file sharing, intellectual property, fair use, materialism, corporate radio, and other homogenous derivative hacks considered "stars," with side jabs at Sony and the FCC.

And then I woke up with Harvey Danger's "Cream and Bastards Rise" in my head, and it's been there all day.

Take me off the drugs and I'm the Customer Service Avenger, even in my sleep. Wacky.
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Dear Santa,

Would like chai, very spicy curry, and fully functional respiratory system for ChanuHalloThankZaaMas. Have been v. naughty girl, am not above bribery. Find enclosed large bottle Stoli (1), voucher for firstborn child (1), and FRILLY PANTALOONS (as many as you like).

Age 30 1/2

P.S. - In place of functional respiry, will accept koff medicine that does not taste like STICKY POISON.
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I highly recommend against getting the flu and bronchitis over a holiday weekend during the busiest workweeks of the year. I've been on my ass the better part of a week and a half, and only now feel like my lungs aren't trying to leap out of my chest.

Also not recommended: Way, way, WAY T-M-fuckin-I )

And I'm over 500 messages behind. But I'm moderately alive.


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