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Lush's "Party On" Shower Jelly is the Dirtiest. Soap. Ever.

Wiggly, jiggly, squishy soap jello in your special places? DIRTY.

Please, sir, may I have another?

Hot damn!

Aug. 18th, 2005 11:37 am
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Attention Seattle LUSH devotees:

Bellevue LUSH opens August 25th

happy girl = me
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We've had issues with mice lately. And I've been naively hoping that, if we got all the food off the pantry floor and into tupperware, they'd get hungry enough and leave.


They've now discovered that this Lush bubble bath bar smells like food. So much so that they chewed through the bag, dragged it across the bathroom floor, and chewed it into bits on the bathroom rug. Which I of course stepped in on my way to the shower.

Bitch, I hope you choke. Bring on the poison, I'm done with this "humane trap" shit.
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I got the news this morning - the boss has found people to cover my shift on Sunday and Monday, so [livejournal.com profile] datavore and I are headed to Canada on Friday for a long weekend.

Oh, I'm sorry, Canadialand. It's a theme park, you know. Don't believe me?

1) You have to wait in a line to get in
2) They talk funny
3) They take your money and give you brightly-colored pieces of paper with pictures of strange people on them
4) They do weird things to food
5) They spell things funny, like using Qs instead of Ks and sticking Us in places where they don't belong

It's a wacky funland adventure, I tell ya.

Thanks to my awesome reservation-fu, we will be staying in a suite at the Pacific Palisades at roughly 1/3 the regular rate. And that's in Candahoovian dollars, which with the exchange rate comes out to approximately eleventy-three cents and a shiny button American.

(Here's where all my Canadian friends threaten to beat me up if I don't stop defaming their home and native land.)

So, yeah. Vancouver. We were thinking of Victoria, but it's too late to get reservations on the Victoria Clipper, and we don't want to get up at an obscene hour to catch the car ferry in Anacortes. Silly me, but I don't like getting up at 5am on my days off...

Any suggestions on what to do, buy, or see when we're in town? I'm already planning to hit Lush (two blocks from the hotel - I checked)... Anything else we shouldn't miss?


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