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It should not take me 30 minutes, 3 flash ads, 6 site searches, and 2 .pdf files for me to (not) find the weight limit restrictions for the Wii Fit balance board. I found it, but I had to go to the Amazon product page and read every customer review to find this information. (It's 330 lbs, if you're interested.)

Also, Nintendo? Super-fatty-fat-lardasses like me are interested in buying your products, too. Way to alienate a huge (ha!) segment of your market share... I was really, really interested in the yoga game. Was. As in past tense.
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The foot is still sore, and I'm limping a bit, but that's as much from favoring the bad foot for three days as it is from lingering injury. Ice packs and naproxen have helped considerably, and I'm back to wearing shoes again. Stupid feet.

Sadly, unless my soon-to-be-acquired squooshy-gel insoles perform heretofore-unseen podiatric miracles, I think I may have to break up with my Dansko clogs. The soles are just too rigid, the arch support is nothing spectacular, and I've already fallen off them at least once. Stupid ankles.

I foresee a shoe-shopping excursion in the near future. My Nikes are disintegrating, I can't wear Crocs forever, and I could really stand to have at least one pair of grownup shoes that will allow me to walk further than a block without the cranky-making. Stupid shoes.

Okay, enough whining. Back to work.
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Between laundry mishaps, stains, wear-and-tear, and purging my wardrobe a few months ago, I'm nearly out of work-appropriate short sleeved and lightweight shirts. Rather than going shopping, I'm awfully tempted to order my summer wardrobe from India.
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Autumn is fast approaching in Seattle, and my thoughts turn to outerwear, and my beloved-but-battered black velvet blazer that I wore constantly until I was forced to retire when it became too ragged to qualify as a garment.

It would be a crime against nature if I didn't replace it with its purple velvet cousin, wouldn't it?

Edit: You can find it in the Jackets section at Avenue.
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Anyone happen to know where I can find ready-to-wear or reasonably-priced custom-made traditional Indian clothing, particularly sari and salwar kameez in the Seattle area? I'm sensing an impending shift in my wardrobe preferences...
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What does one buy as a birthday gift for a precocious two-year-old, when one doesn't know the contents of her toychest? Hmm...

  • One is unfond of character-themed merchandise, horrified by all things Barbie and Barney.
  • One must avoid the temptation to buy noisemakers, as one would like to remain in the good graces of said toddler's household.
  • One must purchase nothing with bats or hammers, nothing weighty-but-easily-hurled (such as wooden alphabet blocks), as sibling rivalry starts early and baby sisters are fragile.
  • One must not provide toys consisting of small parts that can be scattered far and wide, see above re: good graces of the household.
  • Things that could easily be pressed into service as stepstools are Right Out.

    Tricycle? Rocking horse? Lil' Miss Sassypants World Domination Kit? A metric ton of Duplo?

    Hmm indeed. A trip to Magic Mouse is in order.
  • Hot damn!

    Aug. 18th, 2005 11:37 am
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    Attention Seattle LUSH devotees:

    Bellevue LUSH opens August 25th

    happy girl = me
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    Attention plus-size clothing retailers:

    Perhaps you weren't listening last time. Please permit me to make a few things clear.

    1) Just because I am fat does not mean I am devoid of fashion sense. Please learn some moderation in your use of embroidery, wide horizontal stripes, sequins, glitter, plastic jewels, gold paint, beads, polyester, and American flag decals.

    2) Fat women have fat hips. Stop making shirts and blouses that stop at the hipbones, thereby calling attention to the widest part of my torso. I don't enjoy looking like my ass requires its own postal code.

    3) Sherbet orange, sunshine yellow, chartreuse, and magenta may be the colors of the season, but that doesn't mean they should be the only colors available.

    4) At the risk of seeming homophobic, ageist, or culturally insensitive, I want clothes that I can wear to work. This entails options that allow me to dress in a style befitting neither the Mother-of-the-Bride nor a Puerto Rican drag queen.

    5) Large floral patterns do not distract the eye. They make me look less like a women and more like a couch.

    For the love of Jebus,

    P.S. - You suck.
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    I got the news this morning - the boss has found people to cover my shift on Sunday and Monday, so [livejournal.com profile] datavore and I are headed to Canada on Friday for a long weekend.

    Oh, I'm sorry, Canadialand. It's a theme park, you know. Don't believe me?

    1) You have to wait in a line to get in
    2) They talk funny
    3) They take your money and give you brightly-colored pieces of paper with pictures of strange people on them
    4) They do weird things to food
    5) They spell things funny, like using Qs instead of Ks and sticking Us in places where they don't belong

    It's a wacky funland adventure, I tell ya.

    Thanks to my awesome reservation-fu, we will be staying in a suite at the Pacific Palisades at roughly 1/3 the regular rate. And that's in Candahoovian dollars, which with the exchange rate comes out to approximately eleventy-three cents and a shiny button American.

    (Here's where all my Canadian friends threaten to beat me up if I don't stop defaming their home and native land.)

    So, yeah. Vancouver. We were thinking of Victoria, but it's too late to get reservations on the Victoria Clipper, and we don't want to get up at an obscene hour to catch the car ferry in Anacortes. Silly me, but I don't like getting up at 5am on my days off...

    Any suggestions on what to do, buy, or see when we're in town? I'm already planning to hit Lush (two blocks from the hotel - I checked)... Anything else we shouldn't miss?


    Nov. 3rd, 2003 07:58 am
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    I have new socks. They are the softest socks EVER. It's like I have kittens on my feet.
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    I'm tired of boring blue, and not into puppies and flowers. Once upon a time, somebody posted a link to a site with exceedingly nifty and somewhat twisted check designs... [livejournal.com profile] kablooey, was that you?
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    I have discovered the wonder that is Sephora. I fear for my bank account.


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