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Between laundry mishaps, stains, wear-and-tear, and purging my wardrobe a few months ago, I'm nearly out of work-appropriate short sleeved and lightweight shirts. Rather than going shopping, I'm awfully tempted to order my summer wardrobe from India.
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Autumn is fast approaching in Seattle, and my thoughts turn to outerwear, and my beloved-but-battered black velvet blazer that I wore constantly until I was forced to retire when it became too ragged to qualify as a garment.

It would be a crime against nature if I didn't replace it with its purple velvet cousin, wouldn't it?

Edit: You can find it in the Jackets section at Avenue.
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Anyone happen to know where I can find ready-to-wear or reasonably-priced custom-made traditional Indian clothing, particularly sari and salwar kameez in the Seattle area? I'm sensing an impending shift in my wardrobe preferences...
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Attention plus-size clothing retailers:

Perhaps you weren't listening last time. Please permit me to make a few things clear.

1) Just because I am fat does not mean I am devoid of fashion sense. Please learn some moderation in your use of embroidery, wide horizontal stripes, sequins, glitter, plastic jewels, gold paint, beads, polyester, and American flag decals.

2) Fat women have fat hips. Stop making shirts and blouses that stop at the hipbones, thereby calling attention to the widest part of my torso. I don't enjoy looking like my ass requires its own postal code.

3) Sherbet orange, sunshine yellow, chartreuse, and magenta may be the colors of the season, but that doesn't mean they should be the only colors available.

4) At the risk of seeming homophobic, ageist, or culturally insensitive, I want clothes that I can wear to work. This entails options that allow me to dress in a style befitting neither the Mother-of-the-Bride nor a Puerto Rican drag queen.

5) Large floral patterns do not distract the eye. They make me look less like a women and more like a couch.

For the love of Jebus,

P.S. - You suck.


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