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This probably won't make much sense to non-Seattleites.

Today I've been very soap-boxy about the viaduct replacement, mostly elsejournal. The discussion has been civilized so far (and for the sanity of the original poster, I won't link to it), but in general I'm really getting tired of hearing the various talking heads in the media and elsewhere with their opinions about what they think should be done, and how.

It seems most of the opinionated don't even use it, let alone drive across it twice a day during peak commute hours. I don't want to hear from the only-tangentially-affected anymore. I'm really getting tired of hearing all the regurgitated, unoriginal, half-assed, and/or ravingly stupid ideas. I'm tired of hearing about all the ideas, honestly - even the ones that mesh with mine.

Cars are stupid. I want my monorail!
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CNN breaking news is announcing that Rumsfeld is stepping down.
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Yes, I believe in gay rights. Passionately. Marriage equality, anti-discrimination protection, keeping the government out of the bedrooms of consenting adults, all of it. But what I don't believe in is thinly veiled passive-aggressive manipulation masquerading as a statement of support. That shit got old in high school, folks. Grow the fuck up.

Repost this or not, I don't give a tin shit.
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(info reposted from [livejournal.com profile] childfree_zone)

Despite the fact that federal regulations permit the sale of Plan B emergency contraception without a prescription, many state and local governments (not to mention federal officials) are trying to block its sale.

The Princeton University Office of Population Research has put together a searchable database of emergency contraception providers.

This medication is available to men and women age 18 and older, and the shelf life is four years. Research shows it's most effective when taken within 72 hours after sexual activity, and anecdotal reports are coming in saying it's taking five days or more to get it.

With the degrading attitude toward reproductive freedom in this country, any presumed-fertile female of childbearing years should keep a supply on hand. For that matter, so should any male who might potentially consider the possibility of maybe having penetrative intercourse with a presumed-fertile female of childbearing years.

Seriously, folks. I would urge everyone I know to stock up on a supply and keep it in your first aid kit. Condoms break, birth control pills get missed, vasectomies and tubals reverse, and rape happens. Isn't it better to be prepared?
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John Bolton: UN delegate or evil Ned Flanders? You decide:

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A bill to allow Congress to reverse the judgments of the United States Supreme Court.

Authored by the following members of the US House of Representatives:

Terry Everett, Alabama 2nd
Trent Franks, Arizona 2nd
John Doolittle, California 4th
Richard Pombo, California 11th
Joel Hefley, Colorado 5th
Jack Kingston, Georgia 1st
Mac Collins, Georgia 8th
Ron Lewis, Kentucky 2nd
Howard Coble, North Carolina 6th
Joseph R. Pitts, Pennsylvania 16th
Jim DeMint, South Carolina 4th
Virgil H. Goode, Jr., Virginia 5th

Please write, call, email, and fax your representatives. Don't let this bill make it out of committee.
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Call me isolationist if you like, but for reasons related to my mental health, I am deliberately avoiding media coverage and discussion of Gulf War 2: Electric Boogaloo and its associated baggage. I learned my lesson after 9/11 -- I can't cope with the constant bombardment and still be expected to be functional.

In the meantime, here's what I don't need:

1) I don't need to see any more looped night-vision images of buildings exploding.

2) I don't need to see corpses on the evening news, or keep tally of body counts.

3) I don't need to hear who's more wrong. Everybody sucks in this scenario, thanks.

4) I don't need any more convincing, even (and perhaps especially) from those with whom I happen to agree.

5) I definitely don't need to read any more vitriol-soaked invective or propaganda disguised as political discourse.

I'm an educated, well-read, generally liberal adult who was raised to question authority. I pay my taxes, and I vote in every election and primary in which I'm able. I'm neither complacent nor an extremist. But I am a pragmatist, and right or wrong, all the would've/could've/should'ves in the world won't undo the past. We're in it now, and we're assured that we won't be getting out of it any time soon.

For the moment, I have more important things to do, like protecting my civil liberties, and doing my job (which, for those of you playing along at home, is supporting the emergency services which save lives of people in this country).

This is not an invitation to discussion. This is not an attempt to convince you or anyone else to stop doing what you feel is right to bring this situation to whatever conclusion you feel is appropriate. This is my way of explaining why I seem to be ignoring some of you. Yes, I am, and no, it's not particularly personal.
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Enough of these pissing contests. When I rule the universe, all political leaders will be required to have their genitalia publicly measured as part of the swearing-in process.

And afternoon naptime will be mandatory.


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