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For those of you who aren't local to us, Seattle has been hit by a massive wind storm which has resulted in power outages across half the city. About a million people are without power in the Puget Sound region, 170,000 in Seattle proper, including us.

As of about 01:30 Pacific time this morning, any services or hardware we're hosting are off the air. We have no ETA on when power will be restored, and chances are we will be more focused on getting heat and hot water back in operation before we look at the server farm.

This outage affects all of our domains and services: Midgard.org, Epiglyph.com, Invitotron.com, sixmoredegrees.com, the Invitotron, MidgardMOO, DownMOO, Cyborg Folly, and probably several dozen other things I'm forgetting.
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Apologies for the crappy image quality - taken with my phone a few minutes ago (best images my phone has ever given, actually...). Clickie to make biggie.

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Dear Santa,

I would like a Christmas for not-Christmas. July is too hot and makes me want to die.

Screw the good-girl schtick; I want some rainclouds,
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This morning, for the first time since October, I saw the sun. For real. No mere pinkening of the eastern sky, not just a dim reflection off the tops of skyscrapers. REAL sun. Seen with my own two eyes.

Well, that's not entirely accurate. I've seen the sun plenty of times in the last six months. But this is the first time I've seen the sun during my commute in.... a long time. Plus, I work in a cave, and I don't usually leave for lunch, so sometimes I'll go days without seeing the sun. (It burns! It burns!)

Okay, the novelty's worn off now. And sunshine makes Seattle drivers unusually stupid. Bring back the clouds, please.
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But I love me some power tools.... )

Kill me now

Jul. 1st, 2003 07:11 am
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According to the Weather Channel, Seattle and Portland hit 90 degrees before Atlanta and Charlotte this year.


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